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Hightown Drama Group Press Release

Contact: Mr N.E. Body.
6 High Street,

Tel: 901 2213

Hightown Drama Group present
Billy Liar
by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall

Set in the industrial north in the 1960's, Billy Liar is about a rebellious youth who just can't tell the truth! Everyone gets drawn into Billy's fantasy world as he lies his way from one situation to the next. Billy's favourite tale seems to be that someone or other has "had their leg off".

[ Give other details about the play, characters and actors... ]

Performances are on: 10, 11, 12 at 8:00pm, Hightown School.
Tickets 5, consessions 3, are avaiable from Hightown Book Shop and Lowtown Library.

I have enclosed two complimentary tickets valid for any performance.
Members of the cast will be available for photographs, please contact me to arrange a time for your photographer to visit.

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