Making Stage Properties

Greek Urns and Stone Planters

Cheap plastic planters available from DIY stores can be painted to give a stone or marble effect. You can split one planter down the middle and make two semi-circular pots, if they are placed upstage the audience will not notice they are not full pots. The blank side can be filled in with a cut out of scrap hardboard or chipboard and fixed with a few screws.

Fake Food

Candy Floss

You can make Candy Floss from the fluffy cotton wool type hamster bedding, coloured then stuck on a stick.

Ice Cream

Varnish some standard ice cream cones to make them more durable. When dry carefully spray some expanding foam type filler (available from DIY stores as an all in one adhesive, sealant, filler and insulator). The foam will help the cone keep its shape and resemble ice cream.


Make bread rolls, bagels, donuts and loaves using salt dough. The salt in the dough makes the dough rock hard when baked and it will keep for years.


For an authentic looking pie in a dish use a foil pie case, plastic or old metal plate and make a former for the crust top with wire mesh. Cover the lid with paper maché, paint to give a fresh baked look and fire proof.


Red Wine: Cranberry juice

White Wine: Clear apple juice, diluted to required colour

Whisky: Clear apple juice

Vodka: Mineral water

Champagne: Sparkling apple juice or ginger beer.