Property Check List

This list only has a few items on it, you're likely to have lots of smaller bits and pieces, but they are all important to the smooth running of the show. Use the list to check you have everything you need before you start each performance. You can add extra columns for other useful information, like where the item will be stored when it's not on stage.

Item Description Value Loaned by Transport details IN OUT
Three-piece suite, floral design 300 Mrs Smith Borrow Derek's trailer on Sunday    
Nest of tables 50 Frank Frank will bring them on Saturday    
Silver Tea Set 200 Mrs Jones Mrs J coming on Sunday    
Three-drawer chest 150 Sidney Sidney can bring it in his car, will need help lifting it    
Describe the item and make a note of any damage or bits already missing. Agree an approximate value in case you loose or damage the item. Note who is loaning the item and how you are going to transport it, before and after the show. Tick the items as you receive them, and when you return them.