Basic Make-Up Technique

image representing basic make-up application

This is the general way to apply basic standard make-up whether using cream, pancake or grease-stick type make-up.

Start at the highest part of the cheekbone and blend in with a finger. Men should blend in carefully to avoid appearing feminine. Use the same colour for lips, men will need only a gentle application. Gently powder the make-up and allow a few minutes before brushing off the excess.

If it still looks powdery you can dab the make-up with a damp cotton ball.

You may thicken the eyebrows but only if necessary with a similar colour to the natural hair colour. Carefully apply a little eye shadow, medium blue for women brown for men, darker nearer the eyelash. Applying eyeliner will enhance the eyes, but they will look small if it is applied all round.

Do not forget to apply make-up to the neck as far down as it can be seen, although you can blend it at the edge of the clothing.

Sometimes make-up needs exaggerate the actors' own features. You can shade a feature to make it less noticeable or highlight it to draw attention to it. Shade with a darker colour, highlight with a lighter one. It is best to shade first then highlight next. Each shade line or area has an associated highlight. Without highlights, shading has little effect.