Key Areas on the Stage


Box or Composite Set

Generally a box or composite set is going to represent an interior domestic setting, like the typical box set illustrated below

The key areas are likely to be:

  • Any entrance, exit, doorway;
  • Stairs and steps;
  • Table, desk, drinks cabinet;
  • Sofa, arm chair, other seating.
Key Areas of a typical Box Set
Illustration of key areas on the stage

Other Types of Setting

If your stage layout is different, you do not have a box set or your production is not set in a conventional domestic setting, your key areas could be:

  • Any entrance or exit;
  • Openings, balconies, windows;
  • Stairs, steps and ramps;
  • Rostrum, podiums;
  • Seating, tables;
  • Any special feature, like a statue, or religious icon;
  • Anywhere that people would naturally congregate.