Lighting Plan Example

Typical Box Set in School Theatre

This is how you might choose to light the typical box set (shown in the scenery section) on a stage in typical school hall or theatre.

The main lanterns are generally focussed on the key areas:

  • Stage right, desk area
  • Upstage right, French windows
  • Upstage right, cyclorama
  • Centre stage, sofa
  • Stage left, fireplace
  • Upstage left, door
  • Upstage left, interior backing

There is enough overlap between theses areas to ensure all of the stage is illuminated.

Diagram showing stage lighting plan for a Box Set
Diagram showing stage lighting plan for a Box Set
Circuit Description
1 Downstage right, desk area
2 Downstage left/centre, sofa
3 Stage left, fireplace
4 Stage right, desk and French windows
5 Stage centre, sofa
6 Stage left, door and fireplace
7 Upstage right/centre
8 Upstage left/centre
9 "sunlight" and backlight (through French windows)
10 Cyclorama sky
11 Backlighting
12 Backing and through upstage left door
Diagram showing stage lighting plan for a Box Set

The furniture has been omitted from this diagram for clarity.

650 watt, asymmetrical cyclorama Flood 500 watt Fresnel 1 kw Profile
symbol for a Flood Lantern symbol for a Fresnel Lantern symbol for a Profile Lantern

The arrangement of the lanterns is not symmetrical, because the stage setting is not symmetrical, although the lighting is balanced.

This lighting plan is possible with just a 12 channel lighting system. If you had more channels it would be beneficial to split the lanterns on channels 1, 3, 4, 8, 9 and possibly 11, to give better control.

You will often find that there is not always a lighting bar just where you need it, so one of the lanterns on circuit 9 is on a lighting stand.