Cast Rehearsal Chart

You might not always need to plot what pages actors are needed for rehearsal, in some productions the actors might be on stage for most of the play.

Character Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 > > > Page 18 Page 19 > > > Page 31


l l l   l l   l


    l   l       


          l   l


          l   l

This chart makes it easy to see when certain members of the cast are on stage.

For example;

  • Alan and Bill could rehearse pages 1 to 18 without Carol and Denise being present.
  • Carol and Denise could rehearse pages 19 to 31 with Alan, without Bill being present.

You could use different colours or symbols to indicate when an actor is on stage but not speaking or when they are not on stage but heard off-stage.