It's nearly time to say Goodbye!

After 26 years, DramaInfoWeb will be closing down. What originally started as a printed set of ideas and tip sheets bacame this web site. I know from messages I received that many peple found it useful and it was on the recommended reading list of a number of schools. However, theatre technology is changing and I'm no longer able to keep the site up to date.

The site will remain available until the domain registration expires, so you have plenty of time if there is still something you want to look at.

My latest project:

The Drama InfoWeb has been written to give you basic tips on preparing your stage production.

The information is aimed at amateur theatre groups and schools who have enthusiasm but possibly not much experience. There is information for just about everyone who will be involved in the production and tips and ideas to help everything run smoothly.

All of the suggestions are based on over twenty-five years amateur and semi-professional involvement in theatrical productions.

You will not find the answer to everything you ever wanted to know about the theatre, but hopefully you will get a good idea how to develop or improve your skills to make better, more entertaining amateur productions.

I hope it will encourage you to experiment with some of the ideas and that you will enjoy making live theatre.

  • To test your resourcefulness or to discover for yourself some of the challenges of producing a play, select one of the plays in the project list and try the suggested projects.